In yoga, everything is real: dreams, fantasies, thoughts, emotions. In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, this is called 'satvada'.

How our retreats are different: a note about our approach and teaching

We're all about small, supportive groups; characterful, comfortable, environmentally-aware venues with a splash of luxury; a relaxed schedule; tasty, plentiful food; free time for rest and relaxation. No detox or boot-camps in sight - we have nothing against them; they are simply not our thing!

Mindful teaching
While our teachers hail from a number of different styles and traditions (and have often themselves been exposed to a mix of different influences), they have certain qualities in common: an open, mindful and inclusive approach that - even in the more expressive, fast-moving dynamic classes - draws on alignment and safety. All our teachers are keen for yoga to be as accessible to everyone.

Our yoga escapes tend to attract plenty of beginners (male and female), yet our teachers ensure that experienced practitioners are also challenged.

Yoga is essentially an awareness practice that balances body, mind, spirit and breath. We aim to keep this ancient, often-forgotten sentiment at the heart of our teaching and approach - and stay well away from ego-led yoga teaching.

Here's a little more about what to expect from our retreat experience:

Experience a Satvada retreat
Wellbeing expertise: Lucia's background as a yoga and health writer has meant we have been lucky enough to experience many different retreats. We have reviewed a host of hotels and retreat centres, and as well as being a yoga and meditation teacher herself, Lucia has contributed to travel/wellbeing books, magazines and websites - including Body & Soul escapes, Natural Health Magazine, Rough Guides and our own Yoga Abode. After years of experiencing other people's retreats, we have a sound idea about what we think works, and what doesn't. We know this is subjective - but still, we aim to turn this hands-on experience to your advantage.

Small Groups
Small groups: although there are exceptions (for example, some of our Hotel Tigmi Morocco retreats), we usually cap numbers at 14 guests. This allows for a high teacher:student ratio, and plenty of individual attention. However, most of our Escapes are smaller than this - and if the group is larger than 15 guests, we pledge to have two teachers in attendance.

Accessibility: most of our retreats (perhaps apart from our day retreats) are suitable for total yoga beginners, and older people, as well as more experienced students.

Handpicked location
Hand-picked venues: we go out of our way to find venue that will contribute to the experience of getting away from it all. Whether this is a hotel or a luxury tent, we aim for unusual venues that ooze character, yet are comfortable or luxurious. Large, super-comfy beds, high quality bed linen and extra little touches are high on our priority list. When we do hire larger, less intimate venues, we do so because we have found other aspects to be outstanding.

Food on a Satvada Retreat
Food on our retreats good food is essential to health and vitality, and we aim to provide only the best food on retreat. Mostly, this will be vegetarian, tasty and plentiful. Afternoon tea and cake is served on our Suffolk retreats, and a three - course evening meal is served on our France and Morocco retreats. Our approach is: as with everything in life, diet is all about balance.

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