About Satvada Retreats

Our ethos, in short

Beautiful Kasabah in the atlas mountains.
There are plenty of yoga holidays and retreats to choose from out there, so we thought if might be helpful to summarise what we're all about:

Firstly, a little about what we are not about. We're not about detoxes, faddy diets or boot-camps. We believe living well is about balance and mindfulness in all things, including food - which, on our trips, is locally sourced, incredibly fresh, and organic where feasible. Don't worry - we can provide gluten and dairy-free menus with advance notice.

Secondly: we seek to be as inclusive as possible. We attract a high proportion of first-time retreaters, and those new to yoga or meditation. 

Thirdly: our intention is to create a relaxed environment, where everything is optional. So:

  • Small, supportive friendly groups, comprising all ages. Our average group size is just ten guests.
  • Mindful and accessible yoga teaching, informed by a therapeutic approach. The vast majority of our teachers have specialist training in Mindfulness, Yoga Therapy and/or Yoga Nidra.
  • Characterful, comfortable, environmentally-aware venues, with a good dose of luxury.
  • Wholesome, plentiful, home-cooked food, where balance and a few treats are on the agenda!

Mindful, inclusive teaching

Sarah - our teacher
Yoga is an ancient form of meditation that balances body, mind and spirit. 

Surprisingly, ancient yoga texts such as the yoga sutras had far more to say about our minds than our bodies; physical postures are made little reference to, and postures are viewed as a way to prepare the body to sit still in meditation.

We keep this context at the heart of our teaching and approach - and stay away from ego-led yoga teaching that promotes striving and pushing. Our escapes attract many beginners to yoga or/and meditation, yet our teachers ensure experienced practitioners are challenged.

To varying degrees, and to honor yoga's ancient roots, meditation - usually in the mindfulness tradition - is an important part of our retreats, especially in the evening sessions.

Whilst our teachers hail from a number of different styles and traditions (and have often themselves been exposed to many different influences), we are very proud that the vast majority have specialist training in the therapeutic aspects of yoga; specifically, in mindfulness, yoga nidra or/and yoga therapy. All have a deep, genuine love yoga and meditation and believe these practices should be as accessible as possible.

It is common to feel rather intimidated by the prospect of a yoga class/retreat spent with those who we think may be fitter, younger or more experienced than we are. We know - we still experience this feeling from time to time! Rest assured our trips are supportive, down-to-earth and completely accessible.

Small, personal groups

Small, friendly yoga group
Having experienced large retreats of 30-40 people ourselves (which can be great, but also rather impersonal), we take care to keep our own retreats on the small side, with an average ten guests per retreat.

An exception to this is our Atlas mountain Yoga and Walking retreats, where groups typically comprise 14 guests. Our Yoga and Walking New Year escape is the largest we offer, with a maximum of 15 guests.

Keeping retreats and holidays small has many advantages for you, the guest - especially a friendly, supportive atmosphere and plenty of individual attention during classes. 

Guests often say that coming away with us feels like a break with good friends, and this is the environment we are keen to create.

More about our food

Moroccan breakfast
Coming away on a retreat or holiday is an expression of deep self-care: time and space for yourself, to nurture your precious wellbeing, for others close to you, as well as yourself. 

This ethos extends to one of life's enormous gifts: good food! We like to spoil you when you're away with us by offering a balanced, nutritious, delicious, plentiful menu, lovingly prepared and served.

Our food is locally sourced, delicious and organic where possible. In countries such as Morocco and Croatia, where produce is so fresh and zingy with flavour, catering for you is made even more pleasurable!

Whilst this will include lashings of fruit and vegetables, we also serve afternoon tea (with accompanying nuts and fruit) and home-made cakes, plus home-made deserts with evening meals. Gluten and dairy-free menus can always be accommodated with advance notice.

Our formats

New Year Yoga Retreats

If you are looking to see in the new year in style, then our new year retreats are for you. 

During this popular time of year we run two retreat formats. 

The first is hosted in central Marrakech, where we combine down-time, yoga and exploring. During the retreat you will be hosted in a beautiful centrally located Riad and enjoy delicious home cooked food. 

Our second format is in the atlas mountains, where we run a special new year Yoga and Walking holiday in the Atlas mountains. Spend the day walking in the stunning scenery of the atlas mountains. As with our other Yoga and Walking Retreats in Morocco, you will be hosted in a gorgeous Moroccan Kasbah.

Yoga & Walking in the Atlas Mountains

A memorable five-night stay in an eco-friendly Moroccan Kasbah (castle), in the foothills of the superlative Atlas mountains. Wander in the lovingly landscaped gardens, swim al fresco in the fabulous pool, stretch and relax in twice daily yoga classes, be awe-struck by the scenery during daily guided mountain walks.

Marrakech Wellbeing Weekends

If you fancy a few nights of boutique accommodation, massage, yoga and amazing food, this one is for you! We run several Wellbeing Weekend Retreats each year, hosted by our favourite Marrakech centre Riads, which are true retreats in the midst of the city's colour and buzz.

Croatia Yoga and Walking

A life-affirming blend of sun, sea, walking and al fresco yoga! We try to strike the balance between activity and rest, with gentle guided walks from the door; a visit a historic monastery; and, of course, twice daily yoga. The food is outstanding: local, organic, abundant and delicious; the majority grown in the venue's own garden.

Weekend retreats in the UK

Our UK retreats take place in beautiful venues in rural Norfolk, within a couple of hours' train ride or drive of London. Running over three nights, these retreats always contain a large element of mindfulness meditation, taught in a way that is highly accessible for everyone, including newcomers as well as more experienced practitioners. 

One some of the formats, we also explore gentle restorative yoga and how the easy and powerful asana can help reduce stress.