Social policies

Balancing travel with social responsibility

When organised thoughtfully, travel can have a hugely positive impact on communities, injecting money which is used to fund local infrastructure and improve the lives of local people. Travelling opens eyes. To travel is to come in contact with different people and cultures. In a world where misunderstanding and fast-held beliefs are increasingly leading to fear and contraction, we believe the perspective-widening that travelling leads to is critically needed. 

Our venues and ethos: going local

We are very proud of our partner venues, who work hard to limit the impact on the local environment, recycling where possible, buying local food and employing trusted local people. Whilst some of our venues use solar energy to heat the water within the hotel, others burn locally sourced organic material to heat pools and hammams. All our venues rely on a hard-working team of local people, and as a business, we are 100% committed to using local staff as much as possible. We do not fly in chefs, massage therapists or walking guides, preferring to draw on the energy and talent of trusted local people

Carbon and travel

Climate Care
As we all know, it is not possible travel without emitting carbon regardless of the means of travel. Where possible we encourage guests to travel by train, but recognise this is often not feasible. Companies such as 'climate care' can help, allowing you to offset carbon emissions. 

Want to find out more about Climate care and the work they do? See 'Climate Care's' website for further information.

If you would like to offset your carbon footprint for your next trip, whether at home or abroad, please see Climate Care's carbon calculator.


Plans are afoot to work with a charity; our intention is to donate a percentage of our profits. If you work for a UK charity that you think would benefit from this, please contact us telling us what you do, where you are based and your UK charity number.