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Nick Knowles - presenter of The Retreat on BBC2
We have become hooked on BBC2's new Reality TV programme, The Retreat, and, from various conversations with students and friends, we've found we're not to the only ones! The Retreat takes a small group of people, including a police woman and a taxi driver, all of whom are looking for a lifestyle change, away to a Thai island for a month. Whilst one participant is suffering from serious health problems such as diabetes, most are living with general background levels of stress, fatigue, and a sense that their health - both physical and emotional - is some way from being optimal. read more
Emma in Marrakech - the start of a new beginning
When Emma Pryke booked a weekend yoga trip to Marrakech with Satvada Retreats, she knew she was looking for inspiration and headspace. Her hunch that a change of scene and a few days away wtih like-minded souls may help her answer a few big questions turned out to be spot-on. Here's how a three-night Wellbeing Weekend in Morocco helped change the course of her life. read more
Wellbeing Survival guide
"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, not to anticipate the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly."  ~ The Buddha “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” ~ John Allen Paulos Navigating change Change is perhaps the only thing we can be sure of, yet managing feelings of uncertainty can be hugely challenging. The ancient Buddhists, in their wisdom, knew change to be our one certainty, and that how we navigate this 'not knowing' can be the difference between feeling OK and feeling lost. On some level, we all know change is inevitable, perhaps often desirable; yet day-to-day, we tend to find ourselves tossed around by fearful thoughts and emotions how about the future will unfold.  On both a cultural and evolutionary level, we are primed to seek answers. For many of us, regardless of personal political leaning, the vacuum of insecurity, triggered in such a big way by the EU referendum, has left us feeling vulnerable and without anchor. Suddenly, we’re confronted with huge questions, on which the future of our country (and perhaps also our own personal future) rest, and no-one - at least for now - can provide reassuring answers. Emotions are running high, and the drama isn’t only international and national; it’s also ... read more
A Yoga group taking a guided walk through the stunning Atlas Mountains, Morocco
We were delighted to again be recommended in the editorial travel pages of this Saturday Guardian, with our Atlas Mountains Yoga and Walking trips featured as a yoga break with ‘added extras’. As examples of yoga escapes with these extras, Queen of Retreats’ founder Caroline Sylger-Jones, the author of the piece, also mentions a Yoga and Horse Riding break to Mongolia, a Yoga and Writing retreat to France, and an Angelsey-based Yoga with Wild Swimming break. It’s a tribute to the endless flexibility of yoga (excuse the pun…) that, in the context of holidays and retreats, it is now often twinned with just about any activity you fancy, in a dizzying number of countries around the world. Perhaps this is because, more than any other pastime we can think of, yoga lends itself to being savoured with something else - usually, this ‘something else’ being artistic or outdoorsy. In our company meeting this week, the Satvada team found ourselves pondering over the rapid rise of the yoga hybrid break; we have a few theories: Doorway to possibility First, there’s something about the process underway during a yoga class that invites an opening to possibility. That famous ‘yoga glow’ we feel after a class means we hear, see and taste the world more vividly. We are more in our bodies, less in our heads. After class, we become more present; more open to the immediacy of our moment-to-moment sensory ... read more
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