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Taking time out - slowing down, relaxing on retreat
The stress of it all All this running around comes at a staggering cost. We have forgotten how to relax and switch off; consequently, we are collectively living with unprecedented levels of background stress, whether recognised or not. By 2020, depression and anxiety will be the number one cause of ill-health, worldwide. A quarter of all American women are on anti-depressants, with the UK not far behind. Levels of generalised stress, insomnia and chronic fatigue are sky-high and rising. In our culture of plenty and speed, we feel, at best, out of kilter. Yet sooner or later, our pace of life becomes unsustainable. Unfortunately, it can take a major health scare to come to this realisation - we stop because mind or body (usually both) comes to a crisis point. Making changes... All is far from lost. Increasingly, I think, we are coming to a conscious decision to slow down or stop. The phenomenal (and recent) popularity of mindfulness meditation and yoga speak to this need to pause and re-connect to ourselves, mind and body equally, as the two are inseparable. The recent massive growth of the ‘wellness’ industry means the consumer now has access to an unprecedented range of holidays entirely geared towards restoring mind/body wellbeing. Within this vast industry, yoga holidays, meditation retreats and spa breaks in every corner of the globe, have waiting lists. On the ground, yoga studios in the UK are springing up faster than ... read more
Yummy sugar free almost healthy flapjacks
We've all been there: you come out of a yoga class and need a little pick-me-up, but all you can find is sugary, processed snacks, that don't quite fit with any post-yoga intention to be healthy! With this in mind, we have been searching around for alternatives and found this easy, yummy 'banana and date flapjacks' recipe on mumsnet. Whilst the original recipe is not exactly to our taste, with a little tweaking we have created what we believe to be the perfect post-yoga class (or any-time) snack! They are really easy to make and last a few days. You can go wild with the variations of dried fruit and nuts and tailor the recipe to your tastes. We even confess to reaching for these addictive, wholesome little numbers first thing in the morning, in place of a bowl of muesli. :) So, enjoy... read more
Girl meditation
Meditation is suddenly out there; it’s difficult to read a magazine or paper without reading about its life-changing benefits, from relieving stress and easing insomnia, to helping with common 21st century problems such as anxiety and depression. As long-time meditators ourselves, we love that the practice has become so popular, so quickly. Now there’s plenty of science verifying how meditation can help us feel so much better (and even live longer), it would seem sensible to give it a go. One of the wonderful things about it is that anyone can meditate, regardless of age, life experience, or religion. And you can practice anywhere, at any time. But what exactly is meditation and how can it be explained? This is a little tricky to answer; meditation is an experiential activity that can only be known, not described. How we typically feel after meditating (even after five minutes) is easier to put into words: read more
Croatia coastline
The Satvada team have now been travelling to Croatia for around two years - and we love it. The food is incredible, the coastlines beautiful and the people enduringly friendly. Our yoga holidays in Croatia are hosted by the lovely Island of Brac – a 45-minute ride from the pretty city of Split. As such, we have got to know the Split pretty well. Since our retreats typically run over five nights, guests tend to tag an extra night or two on and one of the most frequent questions that we receive is “what is there to see in Split?”. So, with this in mind, we have put together a list of our favourite place to see – these are, in our minds, Split’s top attractions. We hope you enjoy: read more
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