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Blue skies - getting vitamin D.
As summer slips slowly towards winter, we all know that we are more susceptible to colds, bugs and illness as winter approaches. Of course, keeping ourselves warm, drinking plenty of fluids and eating well can help keep germs at bay. However, that's not all. At a time where our natural inclination is to hibernate and hide under a duvet ( and you are not alone), it is actually the time of year where we should embrace activity.  We all know that exercise is good for your overall health - and it can keep you warm in winter by increasing blood flow and circulation and reduce stress and so reducing stress hormone, Cortisol, and bolstering our immune system. If you are are a yogi, perhaps now is time to embrace that daily practice. So, take care of yourself - show self compassion at this time of year and stay healthy. Looking for other ways to stay healthy this winter? Check out our top tips below.  Our top tips.  read more
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Welcome to our brand new, shiny blog - and there's no better way to kick things off than by pondering on the significance of the new 'Back to School' year. September carries a particular resonance for most of us: memories of new School and University terms, and, with that, shorter days, a new nip in the air, the almost-tangible feeling of things changing. It's a bitter-sweet time, and - since we humans have thankfully yet found ways to silence the natural laws of nature - perhaps the only way to approach the inevitable turning of the seasons is to open our arms and minds to its pleasures: the crop of the best Autumn food; the chance to take up a new project; the simple pleasures of long, crisp walks and sharing a meal with loved ones. For those of us in the yoga world, running retreats and/or classes, September and January are the busiest months, perhaps for the reasons mentioned above. Perhaps, also, because the colder months demand more from us, physically and mentally; and - especially when bolstered by a good diet - the ancient yoga and meditation practices help build our psychological and physical resilience. The challenge, as always, is to weave a yoga and/or meditation routine into the fabric of daily life. I say to students (and this has always been said to me) to set aside just ten minutes a day for ... read more
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