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Technology for Insomnia - friend or foe?
Without doubt, insomnia and lack of sleep is one of the greatest chronic health problems of our time. Through our yoga and meditation studio, Yoga at the Mill (Satvada's sister company based in Chelmsford, Essex), we constantly work with people for whom sleeping is a big lifestyle problem. This is borne out on a huge scale: two third of adults in developed countries fail to enjoy the eight hours' sleep a night recommended by the World Health Organisation.    read more
Long weekend Retreats near the beach
What's in a weekend? A good deal, if current trends are to be observed. As stress, speed and modern pressures continue to define the tone of our modern lives, consumers' appetite for ready-made weekends away, many of which are designed to nurture mind and body, is at an all-time high. read more
Fascia and Yoga
When we started regularly practising yoga in London twenty years ago, the words 'yin' and 'fascia' were rarely, or never, uttered. Roll on two decades and fascia, or connective tissue, has become a buzzword in the yoga world. So, what is fascia and how is it relevant to yoga practice?  read more
Meditation and tranquility
In our experience of practising and teaching mindfulness, we have found the key is to keep things simple and accessible - 'little and often' being a good mantra. Here, Lucia Cockcroft offers a short, easy guide to starting your home meditation practice: read more
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