Essex Deep Rest Retreat (non-residential)

Our retreat in short

Based at a stunning boutique venue nestling deep in Essex countryside, this deeply nourishing,  super-gentle, small group retreat weekend will bring together practices drawn from some of the meditative aspects of the yoga tradition, wrapped in a gentle container of mindfulness. We'll rest deeply with Restorative Yoga, Mindful Movement and Yoga Nidra (deep guided relaxation). Definitely not for those seeking an active experience or traditional dynamic yoga - rather, this is for you if you're interested in the meditative aspects of the yoga tradition and are seeking time out to re-connect to mind, body and soul in a nurturing small group setting surrounded by trees and fields (yet within striking distance from London). 

Key information

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Getting there

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About this retreat?

Yoga on the non residential retreat

We are excited to be offering this deeply nourishing, small group Deep Rest retreat at a gorgeous studio nestling deep in unspoilt English countryside, yet within easy reach from London and only 20 minutes outside Chelmsford, Essex.

Led by two experienced yoga and meditation teachers, Lucia and Vikki, this non-residential Deep Rest format can be booked as either a one-day (either Saturday or Sunday) or two-day whole weekend format, and builds on our well-established, highly reviewed Mindfulness for Wellbeing Weekends

A boutique, small group retreat (max 12 students), this experience is definitely not suitable for those seeking to practice active, physically challenging styles of yoga; rather, it is a rare chance for immersion in some of the most powerfully restful practices spanning the yoga and meditation traditions. 

Retreat farm essex
As such, this is a golden opportunity to slow down, relax and re-connect  - whilst disconnecting from demands and technology,

On both Saturday and Sunday we will enjoy a series of inter-connected practices, including nurturing mindfulness sessions, super-gentle Restorative Yoga, gentle Mindful Movement and Yoga Nidra (a powerful, specific form of lying down guided relaxation).

All sessions will be suitable for anyone who can get on and off the floor (eg a yoga mat) with reasonable ease. Many sessions will be taken lying down; others will give different options for posture. Some mindful walking, standing and mindful movement will be included - and again, options for posture (such as sitting on a chair) will be a priority.

Herbal tea and snacks will be provided on both days, and the lunch and tea breaks will be a chance to connect with fellow students or to take this time to yourself, perhaps by taking a walk in the surrounding fields and lanes.

We anticipate these weekends suiting anyone (of any age) in need of slowing down and taking time to care for themselves - both body and mind. They could also be suitable for those recovering from illness or those currently well, seeking tools to manage mild stress or anxiety. They are NOT suitable for those in the midst of an episode of anxiety or depression. Please email us to discuss if you are unsure.

A word or two about your teachers

Teacher: Lucia Cockcroft
Lucia Cockcroft and Vikki Stevenson have been teaching our highly regarded Mindfulness for Wellbeing Weekends together for the last three years. Both have a deep love of the softer aspects of yoga and of mindfulness, aiming to deliver classes in a nourishing, inclusive way. Both Lucia and Vikki are highly trained by US teacher Judith Lasater to deliver Restorative Yoga, and by Uma, founder of the Yoga Nidra Network, to deliver Yoga Nidra - deep guided relaxation. Lucia has been teaching for twelve years; Vikki for ten. Both have been practising for over 20 years. (The picture here shows Lucia). 

Fast facts


It is possible to book either just Saturday, just Sunday or both days together. 

Price for one day (either Saturday or Sunday) is:

Price for both Saturday and Sunday is:

Price includes refreshments on both days. Travel and meals are not included. 

Please note: this is a non-residential retreat. 

To book, go to the booking section (above in pink writing). 

Suitable for:

This retreat may be for you if you are:
  • Looking to go away on a retreat that combines VERY GENTLE yoga practices and mindfulness, but requires no prior experience.

  • Seeking to take time out for your own wellbeing, in a holistic, nurturing environment.

  • Anyone new to yoga, mindfulness or meditation looking for a relaxed, informal,supportive setting.

  • Looking to take a retreat near home (or within easy distance from London) or a non-residential format.

What's included?

  • All led sessions

  • Refreshments on both days of the retreat.

Provisional schedule

  • 10am: Welcome
  • 10.30am: Mindful walking
  • 11am: settling practice. Inquiry: what is mindfulness and what is it not? Introducing the softer aspects of the yoga tradition.
  • 11.30am: tea break: herbal teas and healthy snacks provided
  • 12:00pm: Mindful movement
  • 12.30pm:Mindfulness practice
  • 1.00pm: Lunch
  • 2.15pm: Restorative Yoga
  • 3.45pm: Tea Break
  • 4.45pm: Yoga Nidra
  • 5.15pm: Finish

  • 10am: Arrivals
  • 10.30am: Mindful walking
  • 11am: Settling practice. Inquiry: what exactly is deep rest, and why do it? Making time to rest in everyday life.
  • 11.30am: tea break: herbal teas and healthy snacks provided
  • 12:00pm: Mindful movement
  • 12.30pm:Mindfulness practice
  • 1.00pm: Lunch
  • 2.15pm: Restorative Yoga
  • 3.45pm: Tea Break
  • 4.45pm: Yoga Nidra
  • 5.15pm: Finish