What to expect on a retreat

Are you thinking of joining one of our retreats or holidays, but not sure what to expect? If so then you are not alone, which is why we have put together this helpful guide.

All of our retreats and  holidays are non-prescriptive, relaxed and easy going where everything is optional. 

The 'feel' of our retreats

On our retreats, great food, a laid-back atmosphere and a beautiful environment are equally important as the formal yoga or meditation classes - although, of course, practice is a key part of being on retreat! We hope you leave feeling rejuvenated, healthy and inspired. The prospect of going on a retreat, especially for the first time, can feel daunting.

Can I come alone?

Yes - absolutely! There will generally be a mix of people booking alone, friends, and maybe a few couples. In our experience, those who come alone often get the most out of a retreat: your own time and head space, yet there is plenty of opportunity to socialise (such as at mealtimes), if you wish. In fact typically 60% of our retreats are occupied by people traveling solo.

I am a beginner - are retreats suitable for me?

Beginners to yoga and/or meditation are very welcome on our retreats. Many guests are brand new to yoga and meditation.

Do I need to attend all classes or activities

No not at all – this is your time, and your break. Feel free to attend all, some or none of the activities.

What will the schedule be like?

Usually, there will be two yoga and/or meditation classes daily: usually, one before breakfast, and one before dinner. We intentionally leave plenty of free time.

On our 'Yoga and Walking holidays', there is typically one walk per day. 

What kind of atmosphere can I expect?

What kind of atmosphere can I expect? Most of our breaks are more like holidays, whilst some are more 'monastic' and contemplative in flavour - perhaps with periods of silence. This will always be made clear on the main website page relating to the individual retreat.

Will alcohol be available?

This is dependent upon the format. Typically on our 'yoga holidays', 'yoga and walking holidays' and 'walking holidays' alcohol is available. On our 'retreats' - 'mindfulness retreats' and 'yoga retreats', alcohol is generally not available. 

It is helpful to have a clear idea of what you are looking for: the more extrovert feel of a group where wine may be on the table, or the quieter atmosphere of an alcohol-free break.

What will the food be like?

Food is one of the highlights of being on retreat: it will be freshly made, wholesome and very tasty! In line with the healthy and ethical living that yoga promotes, food will generally be vegetarian. 

Some venues make an effort to source locally, grow as much of their own food as possible, or serve organic meals. Sometimes, meat will be available, but the default option will always be vegetarian.

Want to find our more?

Do you have more questions? Great, we love to chat about our retreats and holidays. Send us an email  or give us a call - see our contact page for ways to get in touch.