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Eating well this Winter
If you are lucky enough to be escaping for a few days on a yoga or meditation retreat this winter, nutritious, delicious food will be an integral part of the wellbeing agenda and a bounty of wholesome treats will regularly arrive for your consumption and enjoyment, lovingly prepared by someone else! Back at home, it can be far more challenging to eat well, and of course it's your responsibility. Here we offer a few essentials on eating well this winter, keeping body and mind in balance. read more
Mindfulness and Politics
This week, US scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn, the man widely recognised as the founder of modern mindfulness, addresses politicians from 15 countries around the world, to explore whether mindfulness can bring compassion and perspective to international politics. This extraordinary event has been organised by senior Conservative and Labour MPs, keen to discuss the potential of secular mindfulness meditation to build resilience and clear thinking. read more
Technology for Insomnia - friend or foe?
Without doubt, insomnia and lack of sleep is one of the greatest chronic health problems of our time. Through our yoga and meditation studio, Yoga at the Mill (Satvada's sister company based in Chelmsford, Essex), we constantly work with people for whom sleeping is a big lifestyle problem. This is borne out on a huge scale: two third of adults in developed countries fail to enjoy the eight hours' sleep a night recommended by the World Health Organisation.    read more
Long weekend Retreats near the beach
What's in a weekend? A good deal, if current trends are to be observed. As stress, speed and modern pressures continue to define the tone of our modern lives, consumers' appetite for ready-made weekends away, many of which are designed to nurture mind and body, is at an all-time high. read more
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