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Body scan - our mindfulness for wellbeing weekend
Every now and again, I'm lucky enough to have a window available to go on retreat. It's hard to over-state the value of a few days away for some deep self-care and a change of scene (and perspective). Having been in the wellbeing and retreats industry for some while now, and having reviewed different retreats as journalist before this, I have a very clear understanding of what kind of experience I'm looking for. Yet despite (or because of?) the vast choice now available, both at home and abroad, I usually struggle to find my 'perfect' retreat. I realised only a few days ago that our new Norfolk-based Mindfulness for Wellbeing weekends are in fact my person vision of a 'perfect retreat', 20 years after I took my first yoga and meditation classes, and almost ten years after we launched Satvada Retreats. read more
Working through uncertainty with mindfulness
We live in uncertain times, the world appearing to turn on a unfamiliar, wildly unpredictable axis, the long-term outcome of which is unknown and unknowable. It’s difficult to sense whether, in fact, this is an experience common to all times and all generations - the feeling that this time in which we are living is unusually uncertain, or traumatic, or painful. Perhaps it’s the human condition to want things to be more fixed than they are. read more
A window into Marrakech
As a veteran visitor to Marrakech, it is a city that has almost become a second home. Much of the city is now familiar. I spot many friendly faces time and time again and yet each time I visit, the city has changed, moved on and evolved. So, what is there to love about Marrakech? It is a frenetic city that seems to never sleep - where old traditions live hand in hand with modernity. However, just spend a little time here, and Marrakech will surely get under your skin. read more
Nick Knowles - presenter of The Retreat on BBC2
We have become hooked on BBC2's new Reality TV programme, The Retreat, and, from various conversations with students and friends, we've found we're not to the only ones! The Retreat takes a small group of people, including a police woman and a taxi driver, all of whom are looking for a lifestyle change, away to a Thai island for a month. Whilst one participant is suffering from serious health problems such as diabetes, most are living with general background levels of stress, fatigue, and a sense that their health - both physical and emotional - is some way from being optimal. read more
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