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Long weekend Retreats near the beach
What's in a weekend? A good deal, if current trends are to be observed. As stress, speed and modern pressures continue to define the tone of our modern lives, consumers' appetite for ready-made weekends away, many of which are designed to nurture mind and body, is at an all-time high. read more
Fascia and Yoga
When we started regularly practising yoga in London twenty years ago, the words 'yin' and 'fascia' were rarely, or never, uttered. Roll on two decades and fascia, or connective tissue, has become a buzzword in the yoga world. So, what is fascia and how is it relevant to yoga practice?  read more
Meditation and tranquility
In our experience of practising and teaching mindfulness, we have found the key is to keep things simple and accessible - 'little and often' being a good mantra. Here, Lucia Cockcroft offers a short, easy guide to starting your home meditation practice: read more
The scenery
Imagine getting up in the morning in England and be reclining by a sun soaked swimming pool in Morocco by the early afternoon! This is exactly the experience I encountered when heading away on a retreat with Satvada in late February. A short and inexpensive flight with EasyJet whisked me off to Marrakech, where my group transfer was waiting to drive us to the retreat location high in the Atlas Mountains. In the last five years or so the popularity of short-haul travel has soared, due to smaller budgets, increased coverage of destinations in the UK and Europe and of course the shorter flight time! I’d been to central Marrakech the year before, and although I thoroughly enjoyed it I was after a longer and more immersive experience, far away from the bustle of city life. read more
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